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22nd November 2014

Here you are again at a deeply clearing time releasing and expelling yuck and grime of all kinds.
Old harboured hurts and tears, pains and grief, negative patterns and limited self belief.
Release. Release. Release. All Guilt and Blame and Shame, for it gets held so deeply within you all that it is hard to access
and progress beyond the layer that it creates. Process it if you can, if you can remember with your conscious mind the cause, the case, the situation, the person and the face. If not release it ALL blindly with great Faith that your part in the whole story is OVER.

Draw the line under all that has gone before, close it off once and for all, then you can happily move on and open the New door to your new Future. Forgiveness is the KEY ~ Forgiveness of self is more important and harder to achieve than forgiveness of anyone else. Forgive yourself thoroughly for all the tension you hold anywhere in your mind and body to free your Soul.
Liberate your Spirit so it can FLY ~ Forgive everyone and everything then the festive season can truly begin. 
'Tis soon to be the season to be jolly, so make more room in your heart and let the celebrations start ✨

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