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22nd November 2016

The way to succeed is not with ego, competition or greed but with union, fusion and Love ~
From the depths of below you have to let go of all that you have been suppressing or regretting. 
Release ~ Release ~ Release ~ is the fastest way to Increase Expand and GROW. All that you have been hiding or trying not to show has been hindering your progress and making you go slow to the point of total inertia beyond which you know not how to go! 

Release ~ Release ~ Release! Release all that is holding you back and all the GREATNESS you are fearful of showing the light of day. You know your own full brilliance is incomprehensible and so you have thus far kept it under wraps in the false belief it will cause you less grief by being out of sight, than having to own your true greatness and allowing your full incandescent light to SHINE, brighter than BRIGHT.
This is SO untrue! For you to truly be authentically YOU, you need to let this LOVE be seen, allow your radiance to be felt, and thus appreciated by all others.

Your soul sisters and brothers need your beautiful guidance and reassurance now more than ever before. Release from your depths your greatest qualities yet that you have kept out of sight, 'tis these very gifts and treasures that will bring you great joy and pleasure as you accept them as parts of your whole. They are fundamental parts of you, they are beautiful reflections of your soul. They are here to guide and assist you to help achieve your greatest goals.

In the darkest hours, the deepest depths of despair, of disorientation or discombobulation use your own inner Light to SHINE BRIGHT. To guide you onwards and upwards and outwards, filling the night with the brightness of a new dawn and a new day. HOPE is as a rising star, BE the star you know like you know, like you know, that you are! Let your spirit soar once more to the giddy heights it knows as home.
'Tis time to leave the shadow zone once and for all. Release ~ Release ~ Release ~ Increase, Expand and GROW ~
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