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22nd October 2017

RISE UP with all your worth for NOW truly is the time of your REBIRTH. From the lowest of low point of how you feel in your Mind, Body and Spirit EVERYTHING is about to improve a Great deal! Invest time in yourself for your Health is your greatest wealth. Eat well, Sleep well and REST for you are Blessed beyond belief ~

Nothing is as bad as it seems ‘tis only the perspective from which it is being perceived. With all the shifts and changes that are happening all around and deep within your every cell and atom of existence, ‘tis no wonder you are all in a state of chaos and confusion and utter discombobulation. With rumbling Volcanoes and Apocalyptic skies, Earthquakes and Hurricanes and raging wild Fires, FEAR hangs heavily everywhere ~ 

Tis harder and harder to find TRUST through the dust of despair. Do not panic and spiral-down Open your crown and pull down GOLDEN LIGHT and LOVE for it is there for you all at all times. Let HOPE be the rope to pull you through uncertainty. See your life bathed in an Abundance of Health, Wealth and Prosperity. BE a GOLDEN MAGNET and draw unto yourself ALL that you need to achieve and exceed your wildest dreams. Believe in yourself and BELIEVE in MIRACLES ✨✨✨
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