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23rd June 2015

BE the STAR you know you are and SOAR~
No more playing small at all! Up Up and away any day now. Lift up your heart, your mind, your soul for you are well on the way to achieving your goal. Do not let FEAR or Disbelief come near for they have a negative limiting effect. What you need to succeed is the most favourable of situations and vibrations, emotions and notions. Try and keep a positive stance at all times even if things are difficult and tense. Trust me when I say there will be just recompense for your unwavering faith and belief ~ then you can all breath a mighty sigh of relief. 

Hold on to your FAITH, your sense of inner knowing that ALL will be well and Good, even if your current reality is not suggesting that it could or would. You know it should be so TRUST that it WILL be. Be confident in your HEART, 'tis the best place to start to put out the natural rhythm of success. Do not stress so dearest one, for there are great things set to come. Open your Heart and Mind and Hands for the Universe does indeed have a mighty plan that requires you to be the Best you can. To achieve that end you will need a helping hand and so opportunities and surprises are on their way ~

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