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23rd November 2015

Life is an organic experience and therefore cannot be determined by straight lined rules or expectations. 'Tis a thing of nature, and you can not always see where or how it is going to be. What will be going to happen at any given time or place, who can really ever say for it can turn on a dime and everything can have changed by the end of the day! Nothing is fixed or guaranteed all is speculation from one minute to the next. Do not get lulled into the false sense of security by thinking you know what will BE.

Things are changing at an ever quickening pace and you are all evolving rapidly as the human race. More things are being invented, created and discovered everyday, month and year than ever before in the history of mankind. The pace of creation has increased and the responsibility is your very own. Understand the mechanics of cause and effect and the laws of attraction. Create traction between your hopes and dreams and tension will align them with you current reality until there is no duality and they will have come true ! 

Keep on believing in your wildest dreams give them the love, attention and focus and they will become much more than just dreams, they will become whatever you believe they can become. The limiting of your life is done in the beliefs of your mind! Expand your ideas of what you can achieve, what you can receive, and a mighty transformation will have begun. Keep on focussing with unwavering belief on all that you wish to become and to see in your life and it will in time be manifest in your world. Create it and believe it in your mind and it will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, thy kingdom will have come, thy will be done ~

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