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24 Feb 2014

24:2:14. Brighton

The time has come indeed to be the shining star you truly know you are.
To burst forth unto the world and allow your light to shine in whatever capacity
is needed the most and that would inspire the greatest change.
You are gaining in strength and understanding on a daily basis and that is a delight to behold
 for the importance of your health and well being can not be told more strongly.

You do indeed have a mission and a divine purpose to your life which does indeed require you to grow
beyond the comfort zone of your current reality of artist, mother and wife.
You will in time grow so much more than you can possibly know right now
so just keep on focussing forward onto your vision of your future with great love and joy.
Be prepared to be delighted by your forth coming every days for they will exceed your expectations
and wildest dreams. They will blow your mind in unimaginable delightful ways! 

Say YES with an open heart and open mind to all that the Universe presents and offers you
for great things lay in store for you and are already coming your way. 
Say YES - YES - YES be happy everyday and worry Less.
Life is for living and having great fun. Share the JOY you feel 
and the knock on effect will be real to a great many people indeed. 

For when your heart light truly shines and beams bright like an incandescent flame
then the world will be a much brighter place where darkness can no longer remain.
For no shadow can not be transformed by the light.
When your heart light shines as bright as it can IS the very best way for you to help your fellow man.
All can then be comforted and bathed in golden healing light.
'Tis time indeed to lead humanity into the brand new day out of the darkness of the night.

New beginnings in many many ways. Endings and passings of people times and places
only to be replaced with your new future reality and surroundings.
New friends, new challenges, new hopes and aims and goals supported and assisted
by the Universal call for change. Nothing will remain ~

Family formats will redefine and distribute your energy to far off places
to deliver your love and light to places where it is day and places where it is night.
All will be good this must be understood. 

Let go of all fear or doubt or need to know of the how's the where's and the whys.
TRUST and it shall all be revealed unto you as and when it is meant to be. 
Relax and release and wait and see exactly how exciting and fulfilling your life is going to be.
You will ALL benefit and grow far far more than you can begin to know. 

Keep on visioning forward and preparing the way by doing what you are doing 
and getting healthier and stronger everyday.

Wondrous things are on their way~
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