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24 Jan 2014

Root your self to the ground so you can fully open your crown~
Then you can not only get out of your head and visit the realm above which you know and Love,
but you can also bring down that heavenly vibe and anchor it into the whole planet
so that it can be enjoyed and appreciated by one and all.
'Tis your greatest gift to bring this Light and Love down to the world.

You are not just here to have your feet upon the ground and let your head to wander amongst the stars
and not to comprehend the value of both.
To be betwix and between has a great value here on earth. 
Not all men and women can walk the earth and roam the heavens 
but it is the responsibility of those whom can to bring that Heavenly Light and wisdom down
into the world and to share it with the people of the land. 

By being firmly present here yet consciously there at the same time 
means you can create wondrous things to truly help and inspire.
Use all your divine gifts, your God given abilities to be the very best you can be 
and to do the very best you can do. Be yourself and shine.
By being better grounded and in tune with the beautiful life sustaining energy of Mother Earth
you will be able to thrive down here not only survive down here! 

Home is where the heart is, so make sure it is here too so you feel more at home!
There is no sense in walking this world with a sense of NOT belonging 
for right here and right now you are HERE this IS your home planet 
and you should Love and appreciate it as such.
Life is indeed one in breath and one out breath
with a wondrous adventure in between the two~ 

Wake up to the fact that it can be gone in the blink of an eye and TRY 
to value every minute here, for tis of great value as life is a rare and precious gift 
that can not be replaced once lost, so keep it safe. TRUST that you ARE 
meant to be here right now even if you did come from a star! 
You are here for a reason and the reason is GOOD

Share the goodness that is in your heart. 
Share the wisdom that is in your Soul. 
Share ALL that is in your blueprint for that is why you are here. 
Tell your stories in whatever way you feel is right, 
write talk and sing, paint draw and DREAM. 

Dance across the pages of your life and sing the story of your heart.

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