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24th December 2014

Christmas Eve filling the world with Hope and expectation, jubilation and celebration for the global vibration is increased beyond belief with the heart felt joy of every little girl and boy.The happiness and gratitude in all men and women, the time of true interactive abundance in receiving and giving, the gift of celebrating living ~

When the Hearts and minds burst with the sheer delight of the Christmas celebrations then the extra Love and Light gets radiated ALL around the world affecting every country and every nation. Tis not important what religious belief is held by anyone or in any region tis the season when the Love can flow freely like a healing blanket in which to wrap the globe ~

So see this time of year not only as the self indulgent materialistic consumer extravaganza that it can sometimes appear to be. See it as the greatest opportunity to spread the Love and Joy that you feel. To generate as much extra Light as you can by opening your Hearts fully with appreciation and gratitude for the abundance of everything and your connection to everyone ~

See the lights of Love twinkling across the world in the Christmas celebrations and decorations.The spiritual aspect is key to the Christian belief and it could not be more important than to celebrate the birth of Christ himself almighty, but the loving and giving Heart energy and joy are also of massive importance for the positive energy generation over the next few days. That will benefit the whole world beyond belief and beyond the false limitations of the Christian nation.

See that as human beings you are ALL united. You are only separated by your own beliefs.If you could truly think with your Hearts and NOT with your minds you will be delighted by what you would all find. There is enough of everything on Earth to support and sustain you ALL. There is enough food, wealth, medicine and Love to wipe out all debt and poverty, all hunger and strife, all homelessness and fear. There truly is enough of everything already here ~

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