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24th January 2013

The pattern of the future ~

Be prepared to see the structure of your world be reformed,be changed,be challenged and be replaced!

Allow this process to occur and watch with an open heart and open mind as the newness of your new Life structure is allowed to come into form ~

It is going to be different, a bit strange and far away from what you know to be the norm! Normal was one thing in the old paradigm but something totally different in the New.


Nothing will remain the same! This I have tried to help you understand by telling you again and again and again.

ALL is change,Nothing will remain the same! And this will be GOOD, very good if you allow it to be so.

Be brave and allow the old to drop away and make ready for the NEW New Year, New Furure, NEW YOU!

Bright, confident and LIGHT ~


Be as radiant as the sun symbol now emblazoned upon your very skin Zia ~ Zia ~ Beam from Here!

You wear it on the outside to remind you to shine it from the inside.

This is the time of NOT hiding your light anymore, breakthrough the false limitations and let your HEART shine.

Connect with the Hearst of all things, the collective energy of the world, LEAP into the void, take a LEAP of Faith and you will find your wings have been there to support you all this time ~


Now however the time has come to put them to the test, Aim high, for the darkest part of the sky and know , like you know, like you know, that as you leap your wings are big enough to support you and to take you with great ease, and that as you fly you take the Light with you! Fly ~Fly ~Fly

Change the landscape of your world,change the landscape of your LIFE ~


Your courage and confidence will then illuminate and change the lives of a great many. Not just your own family who will undoubtedly ALL grow exponentially from your example and from your actions.

They have amazing futures ahead of them all so encourage them to be BRAVE also, for there are great things outstretched and waiting for you all.

Now is the time to welcome changes large and small, welcome them all.

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