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24th October 2015

Round and round it goes where it will stop nobody knows. The wheel of fortune and the game of life play on ~ Ever turning, ever changing, moving ever onwards giving us all the opportunity of the new, minute by minute, day by day, who can say what new situations, circumstances and experiences are on their way. For we do not know what incredible gifts are in store or what important lessons we will be learning for sure ~

When the hand of fate does call the turn all bets are off for nothing is certain, fixed or formed except what you have known to be the norm of your current reality.This is set to change as the circumstances, conditions, emotions, events, opportunities, hopes, dreams or fears and limitations make way for the new to emerge and come into form ~ this time for your New Reality to be born ~

Endings are always New beginnings. As much as Autumn is the end of the growing, vibrant, abundant season in the Northern Hemisphere it is simultaneously the birth of the New Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. New Life ~ New Hope ~ New Beginnings~ They are one and the same as ALL is one and the same in essence regardless of its definition or its name, it's ALL in the game.

Let fear disappear and AGAPE LOVE fill your heart and mind and soul ~ TRUST Relax and release all feelings of anxiety pain or grief, Live ~ Love ~ Grow ~Grow beyond what you know as your confines, beyond what you know as the identity that defines you. You are all so much more than you can possibly see or appreciate about yourselves. You are infinite beings of infinite possibility. Embrace this definition as the new reality for yourselves one and all, once and for all. All for one and one for all ~

Fear not letting go of the things or places, people or faces that give you your security and sense of knowing who you are. You are a rising star and are truly home in the vast canopy of light beings that fill the Universe with beauty and Love.You are already home, you are Loved and guided from Source at all times in all places.Your strength should come from within for your light is eternal and the brightness holds no bounds. Shine brightly and light up the world ~
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