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25th March 2016

Tis a time indeed when a great many people are in need of good strong direction, loving support and gentle understanding for the circumstances and situations in which they find themselves to be. COMPASSION is KEY to successfully interacting with one another. There are a great deal of jagged raw emotions being emitted and received by many, many soul sisters and soul brothers. They are all experiencing great difficulties at this time, and ALL require your patience and understanding, love and compassion at this hour.

"Wolves in sheep's clothing" is a common description for the sudden revealing of shadow traits. Ugly, aggressive, competitive or greedy bullying and demanding behaviour suddenly being seen to be coming from unexpected sources. From so-called friends and associates colleagues and family alike t'is a symptom of the times in which we are all living. The astrological configurations and paradigm shifts are all encouraging us to make peace with and embrace our own shadow traits and behaviours. Therefore we are being confronted by these challenges being raised in others.

Look to yourself for forgiveness of others. They are your sisters and brothers from other fathers and mothers. You are all going through the same extremely challenging and clearing time. Releasing all that you have been harbouring and fearing. Pain is being released and if not consciously so, it is being allowed to go in a hurtful, demanding way causing and creating more pain as it passes from one to another to another. TRY and BE the change you wish to see, TRY and BE strong, and think with your HEART and feel with your mind. For the pain is not meant to be shared, tis meant to be released into the Universe to be transformed into positive energy and love.

Stand back if you can from the immediate impact that these harsh words or actions are having upon your ego. Take time to assess them as a mere projection of the deep pain and FEAR being faced by the person who is struggling to process them in a more conscious and positive fashion. You are all here to learn, to teach and to grow. Sometimes it is easier to learn something you view in others than to be aware of the same traits or patterns, fears or limitations deep within your own shadow self. There is a global lesson going on right now and all of humanity are experiencing the same challenges of releasing and having to let go.

To truly Raise your own Vibrations you do indeed need to release your heaviest, lowest vibrational thoughts and habits, emotions and actions, judgements and reactions. Use this time to learn about yourself to see how or where you can improve yourself. How you can assist others to do the same by accepting responsibility for their own pain and learning to deal with it in a more positive and constructive way. Rather than lashing out in anger or bitterness creating more conflict, damage and pain again and again and again. Be strong. Be understanding. Be as compassionate as you can to other peoples demanding for they feel out of control as their inner and outer worlds are changing and they are scared and confused.

Love Love Love is the answer to all the craziness of life, all the craziness of the times that are occurring. Be as loving and forgiving to yourself and all others as you sail through these rough and uncharted waters.  Emotions are running high like the massive surges of the spring equinox tides. Breathe deep and release, release, release. See your world as bathed in golden light and your interactions and relationships with ALL other beings as Loving, Peaceful, Harmonious and Healing.
Let it all GO, GO, GO and BE FREE to be the GREATEST you can ALL BE ~ 
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