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25th April 2014

Tis time indeed to reap what you have sown and to manifest in your world all that you have known and held deep within your heart from the very start. The GOLDEN future you have always believed in has now begun ~
your future has as it were actually come! 

Keep on believing as you open your hands and heart and mind and just keep on receiving all the wonderful abundance of the world and beyond. Treasures beyond belief, Hope beyond grief, and life beyond your daily reach. Magic is at play and miracles are on their way. Transformation beyond expectation is here and there will be magnificent cause for celebration. 

With your heart flower truly open and the petals of your mind gently unfurling to reveal a peace and wisdom of such a natural and organic nature that ease and grace are the driving force for the beautiful expansion and explosion of colour and sweet perfume that are your signature features. The lotus of wisdom, the cornucopia of abundance,
and the divine feminine in form. 

May your garden veritably be bursting with Love and Life and colour, expression and delight. Everything from the bird on the wing to the seeds in the ground, all poised for the Great Leap Forward. For the burst of extra warmth and light to launch the New Life with a new song and dance. A true celebration of creation, may jubilation replace frustration for the time of great action and progress is upon you all.

Just allow yourself the time and space to bring forth all that your heart has held so long and so dear. Follow the calls of your passion and everything else will follow freely as a matter of course. Right people will come, right opportunities will arise and right circumstances will evolve to support all that your were born to be and allow you to move fully into the greatness of who you were truly born to BE 
Be You ~ Anew ~ BE ALL YOU CAME TO BE .
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