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25th January 2017

The time has come to unite as One and to truly come from the Heart . Journey in for the place to begin the conscious revolution lies deep within you all. To stand and fight for what is right with compassion and understanding. Heed the battle call to break the chains of mental slavery once and for all. With Inner strength and PEACE Harmony can be restored to your lives. With good intentions and meditation you can set yourselves free. When you all think with your Hearts and feel with your minds the world will be a much kinder place to BE.

Balance will be restored and pain and suffering will no longer be ignored. LOVE will rule supreme and it will be the end of the regime where Hate and Greed have any need for power or control. If Peaceful Loving thoughts are what is taught to be the most valuable thing on Earth, then each and every one of us can expand our set beliefs and instantly increase our own self worth. From birth we are all rich beyond all measure for the greatest treasure to behold is the gift of life itself. We come united as children of the world, 'tis time to come united as One From The Heart ~ 
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