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25th July 2014

Time and time again I have urged you all to lift up your hearts and to free up your minds.
Well now more than ever the Universe has conspired with all that it can in the governing planets above
to assist you greatly in the achievement of your goals and to help you all truly enlighten and enliven your souls.
Today's New Moon approaching will give you all the greatest boost so use this extra surge in planetary support
to get on with all your creative enterprises.

Peruse ALL your creative ventures and believe in each of their full potential as a wonderful resounding success.
Your own inspiration and personal inner light will be brighter now than ever before and your time to shine has really come.
Write, draw, paint, dance, sing, express yourself in whatever way you feel compelled to do so but turn up your own flame
from a gentle glow to an incandescent beam.

The whole world will then benefit from the new light that will emanate from your heart and from those in turn
who hearts and minds your work and light does find. For light and Love are both contagious and you are encouraged
to spread them both as far and as fast as you can. Every particle of light helps dispel the dark and every drop of Love
goes a long long way to heal the pain of the world. Be the creative warrior that you are
and shine as brightly as the brightest star ~
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