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25th March 2015

When the dark side of the moon passes across the bright face of the sun the world is plunged into a temporary darkness, a false blackness, a bleakness and glumness is come which touches the hearts and souls of all people.
For even momentarily it seems that the end of the the light of the world has come, and you feel you have not completed what you wish you had done. 

Tis in fact only a passing moment in time before the sun once again does shine and pour it's beautiful light and love once again into the hearts and minds of all mankind. This brief absence however is very clever for it triggers a primeval need to get up and finish in super quick time ALL that you desire to achieve. It puts the pedal to the metal as it were and moves you all up a gear.

The primal fear that the end of days is near can be a great boost to rock the foundations across the nations and inspire entire generations to raise their vibrations. Actions will be seen to be taken by many whom would have perhaps stayed sleeping within themselves, dormant within their lives, passive not active or even dead before their time! Mighty big changes are often the response to a seemingly insignificant action in the sky.

Peoples of times gone by fully understood the ramifications across the nations from such a total eclipse of the sun. The world will be a very different place hence forth as a matter of course for when people re settle into the newness and greatness of the opportunities that new life provides they will leap and dance with Joy for SPRING is here and 'tis time to celebrate life itself.

Tis time to take steps to make changes to do all that your soul has come to do. Tis a veritable wake up call for you one and all! Don't dilly dally or delay even one more day for time is a precious commodity and 'tis best to use it wisely. Do what you can do to inspire and help your fellow man to get on with their lives in the most positive and productive way they can. You are all here to play a part and now 'tis really the time to start doing whatever it is you have come to do,'tis time to SHINE and actively play your part, Tis time to SHINE a new and to be fully YOU.

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