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25th May 2014

Do what you can to help your fellow man for the Angels are helping manifest for you, all the mighty and magnificent situations and circumstances that will help you as best they can. What you give out IS what you get back so produce what ever you wish on your priority list, for all in all, they will ALL be produced at the end of the day.

Tis not of great importance which, what or where you start with the important thing is to get going, and once you are flowing then ALL can come to pass, ALL can become manifest in your world and tangible at last. For whilst the ideas remain in your brain and in the ether, no one else can quite see or believe the wondrous magic that they contain. 

Only you can convey this into form so get up get started and let the movement get underway. There is a mighty volume of work waiting to arrive on planet Earth 'tis up to you entirely as and when to give it birth! Get going with whatsoever takes your fancy for all in all they are one and the same only different in realisation, verbalisation and interpretation. 

Their origin is the same and the essence is unique of course ~ it comes from source, and therefor holds the same high vibration be it written, painted, spoken or crafted. Magical threads woven together out of thin air to spin into life all manner of things. Healing images, soothing words, mighty centres for transformation and realignment for future generations. 'Tis all the same only separated by name.

Keep your own heart beat strong and you can not go wrong. Stay in tune with the rhythm of Mother Nature and Father Sky. Take your guidance from on high and allow it to flow in whatever form it wishes to be conveyed. Be the conduit and the Master you know yourself to Be. Take your place upon the world stage, bring forth the wisdom for the New Age. 
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