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25th May 2016

Do not despair when there is magic in the air ~ Even if your heart is aching it does not mean it is truly breaking and that all is doom and gloom. Take it easy on yourself, take it calmly, and smoothly, rest, relax and revive. Tis all too easy to give, give, give way too much when you are such a giving individual. You can be drawn beyond what is an unseen line of essential energy and supply for yourself. YOU are your greatest wealth, do not allow yourself to become so depleted and affect your health. REST is best, eat, sleep and recuperate. 

Generate some much needed personal strength before you can consider giving any more anything out to anyone else! You are just extremely run down and depleted so you are feeling defeated and exhausted. This will pass and you will once again be back in the game, laughing and singing happily brimming with Joie de vie for all the world to see. For now however ‘twould be wise and clever for you to focus only upon YOU. Rest is best and sleep is even better! Allow your body to refresh itself to get back to factory settings and establish a healthy equilibrium. STOP giving to anyone else except yourself just until you are recovered and feeling well ~
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