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25th May 2017

Ebb and flow and EXPANSION ✨ From where you stand you have no comprehension of the enormity of transformation that is occurring within without and all around. From the minutest inner cellular level to the deepest depths of outer space EVERYTHING is having a change of pace and is experiencing the mighty SHIFT of transition. EVERYTHING IS CHANGE nothing will remain the same ~ not now or ever again! ✨✨✨

Kaleidoscopic patterns for the future are coming into play and becoming more and more intricate day by day. Brilliant new colour combinations and geometric fractals and forms are lining up on an energetic level that create an intrinsic NEW matrix of existence. A BEAUTIFUL structure of GOLDEN LIGHT ~ delicate, flexible and Strong, is emerging to support the HIGH vibrations of the future and the emerging souls of the present.

Be patient with yourselves and your fellow beings and creatures all around. These changes and shifts are PROFOUND and each and everyone of us is having to adjust to them as best we can. Remain OPEN HEARTED and centred in your own LOVE and Peace and Tranquility. Stay connected through compassion and gratitude with a loving and flexible attitude to all the shifting and changing that is going on ~ STAY STRONG ❤️STAY GOLDEN ✨✨✨
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