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25th October 2013

Tis nobler of the mind to peruse ideals and ideas of a higher kind 
than to be bound to the earth by false ideas of low self worth.
Tis nobler of the Heart to be open and Loving, giving and forgiving, 
helping and healing, guiding and leading openly right from the start.

Tis not always easy that is understood but your lives would all be greatly improved 
if you all decided you could, tis a question of effort and of focus, of conscious decision making, of clearing old habitual patterns of falling prey to easy limiting beliefs and self sabotage everyday. 

Break free from the constraints of your unconscious mind and create for yourself
a better world that is more Loving Abundant and Kind.
You do all have choices you have just seemingly lost your voices 
and silently conform to the habitual patterns of the norm. 

But you can change the tune write for yourself a much better melody 
and allow your hearts and minds to sing from your soul. 
Then it will be possible to achieve literally any goal.

Decree a thing and it shall be done, sing it and guide it from the heart 
and your bright future will have begun. Your finest hour will have come!
And yet it will remain and be amazing and will keep on improving as time goes by for practice makes perfect then you can FLY ~

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