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25th October 2016

By the converging of lives the universe contrives to maximise the power and potential of Love and Light that can combine and ignite to create a mighty force for GOOD. The veritable BEACON that can thus be created by the sheer magnitude of LIGHT generated, can help lead and inspire by illuminating the path for others to follow and find their way home. FEAR lives in the darkness and hides in the shadow zone ~ Create more LIGHT in the world by allowing your heart to connect with all others. Beam as brightly as you can for the sake of your soul sisters and soul brothers.

'Tis not a selfish act to SHINE as brightly as you can, as the incandescent STAR that you are, but 'tis a great shame for one and all if YOU do not add your unique and incredible light to help dispel the darkness when you truly can! BE BRAVE ~ BE BOLD and BE BRIGHT ✨ Increase your belief in the value of your own contribution to the collective LIGHT of the world. You have all come to make a difference to the whole life experience, for your family, friends and lovers as much as all others. BE the incredible, powerful, Limitless Being you truly came to BE. BE the biggest, brightest STAR you can BE for the sake of all humanity ~
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