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26th April 2014

To sit and write one specific piece that will teach and reach and inspire an entire global civilisation is a difficult yet not unobtainable proposition. For all in all you are one and all, and are met with the same generic Hopes and Fears. The differences are in your current realities or your dramatic pasts but on a day to day basis the inner you on a soul level is more similar to ALL others than you can possibly understand. The world is populated with your sisters
and brothers. 

You are all here on earth experiencing life and all it's worth, on the same planet since birth. Your distinctions and definitions, geographical and demographical categorising creates the separation between you as a once untied tribe. You are all here to learn what it is to be alive! To have choices of emotions, experiences, passions, expressions, endurances, ambitions, traditions. Have highs and lows and Heaven knows all manner of things in between. 

When you view life as a single soul it can be difficult to understand the meaning or to find the purpose of having a goal. You can get lost in the doing of the daily ness of your work rest and responsibilities. Your struggles and strife your everyday functioning life. Each soul has a golden goal to reunite with the ultimate source as an end result and all will return home in the end. Some are here for the longest time others for but a short while, but everyone is come to experience what it is that they have come for and will undoubtedly be back again for more!

The game of life is an evolutionary tale. Every time a soul returns to experience and expand its understanding
of all that there is. To live fully and appreciate the wide spectrum of all that life has to offer on a mighty scale.
Every hope, fear, dream, kiss, tear, joy and Love~ 
All else is "story" that makes the framework for understanding all that there is, 
and creates the individual experience making it unique and different every time ~
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