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26th January 2016

Tis of paramount importance that you do not loose sight of your goals, that you do not let your energy wain and your self belief dwindle dissipate or disappear. Do NOT let fear replace courage. Do not let procrastination replace determination and progress. You have been somewhat knocked off course by a powerful force that has given you a sense of disorientation resulting in frustration for you appear to have lost your way! 

Tis not true , Tis a false illusion creating confusion and disillusion. Take comfort in the fact it is only a negative attack that can easily be surpassed. The effects of which will only be very short term and will not create lasting damage or loss of time and pace.Take a moment to breathe deeply ~ to relax completely and release all the negativity pain and angst you have been presently holding.

There are forces around at all times that can enhance or disrupt your flow - Tis up to you to bend and sway or stand firm and staywhich ever position you feel will benefit you most.To have been disabled by injury requires a time of recovery give yourself this space to recalibrate and revive, to rebalance your own energy and equilibria am, to rest and adjust to the situation and be patient with yourself, BUT above ALL else STAY STRONG in your Head and STRONGLY in your HEART for you are on the right path and ALL will be well and good.

Disruptions may occur on any journey but that does not mean you change your final destination.You are most definitely going places that are wonderful and filled with excitement ABUNDANCE and great JOY. Be patient and release all responsibility for making things happen or occur. TRUST that ALL is well and ALL will be good, that all is still unfolding exactly as it should. There are always some lessons to learn and possibly  detours to be taken but 'tis all about the journey and not only the final destination. Go with the flow even if it is not as fast or as furious as it has been or as you would like.

It is still moving and the pace will quicken when the time is right. Do not lose sight of all that makes your heart sing and the bells ring in Heaven on high. Rest is best to restore your Joie de vie for it is your most natural state of being when you are in balance and harmony. Sleep well, eat well and spend precious time with your family and focus on yourself. Your health is your greatest wealth and your well-being is your greatest gift to the world and all those around you, for when you are happy and smiling the world is a happier place. Draw unto your core all the love and healing that you are needing then you can continue proceeding with much love lightness and success.
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