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26th March 2017

Mothers Days deserve to be celebrated in so many ways for all things exist here because of the love and protection of our great Mother Earth. Every being that has ever lived was given life, then nurtured and grown until birth by its Mother. All life is only possible because of the Mothers. Even the existence of your siblings, soul sisters and brothers, friends and lovers is due to the time and love and kindness of yours and other mothers.

The Mothers of the world are responsible for the germination and creation of the peoples of the world. They tend to their needs and lovingly protect and feed them from the minute they conceive them. They become selfless in the role of Mothers and providers of softness, gentleness and unconditional love. They become fearless and strong if their babies are ever in danger and RISE to meet the courage and pain required to deliver their children to the world. They are brave and wonderful, vulnerable and powerful, loving and giving, wise and forgiving. Above all else they are responsible for giving us life itself ~ 
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