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27th August 2015

To unwind from time to time is essential for your soul ~
To relax and allow your inner emotions and notions a chance to be heard above the roaring demands of your daily lives. The sweet melodies and divine poetry of your soul need time and space to come forth and make their presence known and their beauty and love to be shown.

The world these days is seemingly spinning faster and faster in so many ways. The pressures are seemingly greater than ever and the need for constant adrenalin and action increasing in everyone's lives. Pressures and expectations across every nation. Survival being the key to making you all keep going faster and faster and faster. You then all get over wrought and exhausted in every way.

The demands of modern life are many and 'tis harder and harder for you all to journey to a place of restful innocence and inner calm. Try as you will to meditateand not stimulate your senses and organs to operate at an alarming rate. Entertainment has become shocking and violence rules supreme upon the silver screen. Horror and fear punctuate your news and headlines toxifying your hearts and minds. 

Take a break from it ALL , find a gentle natural rhythm with which to get in tune. From this place of calmness and Love send peaceful thoughts of happiness and joy to all others. Emanate your own vibrations and send them with great Love out into the world to raise vibrations across the nations. Bring magic back into your world and wish it to be present in the lives of all others too.

Believe in magic and believe in you. You are a master magician and can create incredible acts of manifestation and transformation. Change the world around you with beauty love and grace. Be Love ~Be Beauty ~ and Be Grace ~ Be PEACE . Be Love Be happiness and share this joy with all others and inspire them to re find it for themselves. 'Tis your birth rite one and all to create from a place of simple happiness and joy. Take time to journey in then to BEAM Love out.
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