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27th December 2015

You have ALL got a great deal to be grateful for, for the gift of life on planet Earth is the most incredible gift of all. Your presence in the world is your gift to the world. Be the greatest present Be the greatest you can BE. Shine as brightly as can be and bring the glorious Light of your life into the hearts and minds of your fellow mankind. Share your Love, share your Hope, share your wisdom Share your GRACE.

Share yourself BE yourself. You came to be a unique individual now dare to be just that. No one else came to be you so do not try to be anyone else. Do not try to be like them, better than them, lesser than them or even equal to them, for you have come to be yourself. You are supposed to be YOU and no one else can do what you have come to do, for only you are truly YOU. You are not here by accident you are here by design. Your uniqueness IS what is required as part of the greater plan. Decide what your life will be and design it and live it accordingly.

Other people may have opinions and ideas of how or why or what or when you should, be or do anything, but they are merely trying to guide and provide you with direction as an interpretation of what they think or feel your life and actions could or should be. BE YOURSELF. BE better than other people's expectations of you. Be kinder, more loving, more compassionate and more understanding. Be brighter, more positive and creative, more tolerant and patient. Be the greatest you can BE ~

Be Grateful and be gracious. Release yourself from ALL the false limitations you have been fed and that fill your head. Drop into the fullness of your heart and swim free in the realm of all possibility. Embrace every opportunity as a moment for expansion for you to grow and go beyond everything you have previously known or believed. Set yourself free to BE everything your heart and SOUL have come to be. You are an incredible being of pure Love and Light, a treasure to behold, may your gift to the world be your TRUE GREATNESS which is waiting to unfold ~
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