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27th February 2016

Endings and beginnings, extreme opposites on the same vibration of creation. One and the same to be repeated again and again in perpetual motion as the cycle of life continues, perpetually flowing across time and space and the entire Universe. The ever increasing and decreasing, the ebbing and flowing of all that there is. The commencing and ceasing, the gaining and releasing, the learning and the teaching, the practice and the preaching. The source to self and self to source, the cycle is eternal as a matter of course.

From the death of the Old the birth of the New may arise. Like the mighty phoenix out of the fires of your recent past you will emerge upon mighty wings. Fly forth with great power and strength to achieve wondrous things. Embrace your new found wings as the Heavenly gifts that they are. For you to become the rising star that you are, you need to be able to ascend with courage and confidence above and beyond your family and friends. From this great position of elevation you can beam your LOVE and LIGHT over them all, and help Raise Vibrations Across MORE Nations than you have thus far been able to reach.

Take your words of wisdom and your loving light out into the world so that they can be seen and felt, and heard by many more than those who have had chance to to find and benefit from them before. The world is a place in need of comfort and direction, inspiration and soul food upon which to feed.
BE the difference you wish to see in the world. BE the greatest BRIGHTEST YOU. There are things you have come to do that require you to be the GREATEST YOU can BE. Then you will see your wildest dreams and VISIONARY schemes become manifest in the world and help create a NEW reality. Generate HOPE for the future and inspire the empowerment of humanity ~
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