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27th January 2015

Do not fret about the future just step through the doorway with a confident knowing that all will be well, all will be good, as you greet each and every new day ~
Smile and hold your head high, lift your sights to the clear blue sky. Be happy and content with whatever little progress you make for it is all heading in the right direction ~ forward. 

Do not be too tempted to look back into the past even if it is to make a reference to your present. Keep your eyes and ears and Heart clearly focussed forward and on your bright future that is up ahead. There is a beautiful golden light upon the horizon so make that what you set your eyes on. 

Fear not your direction for your path will lead you there step by step. Tis a rare thing indeed to ever be shown the clear road ahead. Just TRUST that you will enjoy the journey and embrace every twist and turn you encounter, for on some level they are all sent to add depth and variety and surprise to your travels through life. 

If it were to be a straight motorway from the cradle to the grave where would be the beauty and joy and mystery in that? Tis the journeying up and down of hill and vale, of going round mountains and over rivers, across oceans of tides and emotions, that makes your individual lives the unique adventures that they are. TRUST is a must as you plan your life, packing only positive thoughts and feelings to take with you from one day into the next.

Let all else be left behind for what is gone should be let gone. Take no regrets or FEAR forward for they will not be of any service to you and will only add unnecessary weight to your heart, and take up healthy creative head space. Feel well and think well when you can. Think yourself well when you are not and use all your strength to keep your projections good. Pretty soon then your world will be transformed and your new day will have dawned and you will feel better.

There are times when it is hard to keep positive and be strong when that is not how you feel. Take time to notice nature in these moments and see that as the frosts lay deep and crisp upon the ground, as the waters are a frozen hard as stone, that there is magic everywhere. New life defies the present hostile environment and elemental reality and continues to gently grow, and will one day soon emerge from beneath the winters snow.  Keep on going as the natural world does for spring is on its way ~


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