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27th July 2015

Often the outward appearance can show no coherence with the inner vibration of a thing. Sometimes too it is hard to realise what truth does reside deep inside the core of an issue or a conflict or a person. Do not limit your understanding, or fail to take into consideration the deeper root pattern, the underlying rhythm that can belie the smile upon the face, that can be simultaneously taking place.

Sometimes what the Heart may be knowing the face may not be showing. When there is a disconnect between the Mind, Body and Spirit, people can behave in most peculiar ways, for if there is no inner dialogue between the parts of the whole there is little or no motivation or inspiration to aim for achieving the vast potential that comes with each and every Soul.

The story of the Head takes over instead or the demands of a greedy or lazy body get in the way, creating disease within its make up. The natural passionate exuberance with which your Soul would love to Sing and Dance through Life gets stifled and contained, and forced to remain out of sight, out of reach, out of mind ~

Depression and despair, apathy and hopelessness get to rule the day, they get to call the shots and lead the way, when selfish decisions and inconsiderate actions cause isolation and a self destructive internal pattern. Much like an inner nuclear reaction with a melt down of good clear positive thoughts and vibrations, into a dangerous volatile combustible state where Anger rages beneath the surface, where FEAR feeds the running of the whole on LOW negative Vibrations that do not serve your Souls in any way shape or form.

Tis of upper most importance to change your energy source to one of GOOD, Clean, Clear, HIGH Vibration. One that is connected to SOURCE, one that WILL serve you as a whole, one that Feeds and Nourishes your Mind, Body and Soul ~ ENLIGHTENMENT is the name of the game and every Soul is waiting for its turn to SHINE and do what it has come with the vast potential to do. To Be what it has come to BE, to BE LOVE and BE Loving, to BE Kind, Generous and Forgiving. To THRIVE and to play its part in Joyful combination with its Heart FULL of Positivity, Creativity and Joie de Vie.

For the combination of Love and Inspiration, Compassion and Understanding, deep within your own Heart can create endless amounts of supercharged POSITIVE energy. Exploding from the core of you, emanating out into your world, fuelling your Life and emotions giving you the impetus, dynamism and drive to realise ALL that you can do, to fully support and enable YOU to be the GREATEST you can BE~ 
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