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27th November 2014

From time to time you pass the line of where you have been before. No longer happy and content to remain within the confines and constraints, you feel the urge within your soul to reach out, aim higher and go for a new goal. Cross that line with confidence, reach out for much much more, aim for your all time highest score ~

Extend your comfort zone again and again and again. Keep on expanding your horizons and evolving beyond what and who and how you have ever believed yourself to be. BE more than, BE the greatest version of yourself that is beyond your own expectation, BE more than you have thus far dared to BE. BELIEVE you can be. Believe you will Be. Believe you already are ~

Be the abundance the Universe wants you to be. Be the success you deserve to be. Be the humility and compassion you know you can be. Be the beauty that is in your soul. Believe in yourself and your ability to reach any goal. You are a master creator
so create. Manifest all that you desire be it situations, opportunities, connections, support, distribution, publication, people, places, material goods, financial security, health and vitality.

YOU can create and manifest it ALL. Do not doubt for one second that your thoughts are not responsible for your reality.
THINK BIG ~ expand your mind to break free and cross the line once more from where you have been, what you have seen
and experienced, and leap forward to the wonderful world of the NEW ~

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