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27th September 2015

The time of the blood moon it t'would seem is upon the scene and GREAT changes are in store for you all. Massive amounts of extra Love and light are showering down upon your stage, and all players are being asked to ready themselves and to know their lines, for as soon as the curtains raised the most amazingly powerful performance of your entire life can begin! 

Tis what you have been in training for, Tis what your heart has been calling for, the chance to play your part in the most incredible story of HOPE of all time. Tis of course an age old tale of LOVE that will prevail over all the trials and tribulations, twists and turns through which we learn the true meaning of the word.

Love can concur anything and it has the highest ring which every heart is born to sing. Tis a passionate and exciting, adventure filled with thrills and spills and suspense. Incredible tension and suspension of all ideas of normality and reality. Tis a divine comedy and an exquisite fantasy where beauty and harmony express with ease and grace all the wisdom and potential of the human race ~

Take this blood moon as your cue NOW is the time to be the boldest, bravest you. No more hiding I the wings, for NOW is the time the performance of your life begins. Tis the performance of ALL time. The global premiere with a cast of many thousands. Light workers singing and dancing in spectacular ways choreographed and guided from on high. Working in beautiful harmony and support of each other in every way,  to be the greatest they can all be at the end of the day. 

By working in unison the epic story can unfold. It can not be told by any one two or three. Tis vitally important for the power and impact and truth of what the story holds for you all to come together and heed the mighty call. Players to your places! The script is the blueprint written on your soul. Open up your hearts and minds and get into the flow of the show. Now is the time to let your voices be heard and the wisdom to be seen on your every word.

Magic and majesty abound and a new understanding will be found. Tis veritably time indeed when what the world is in need of most is a mighty vision of HOPE. Then PEACE and ENLIGHTENMENT can be shared by the world wide audience. Lead by example BE the shining stars you already are. BE the main attraction Lights *Music*Action ~ LOVE ~
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