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27th September 2017

When you surrender your resistance to accepting full responsibility for your existence, you will become instantly reconnected to your own truly LIMITLESS Being. You are all here by design and not by accident. You are here and now because of your own choosing to be so. This is the realm of CHOICE and your whole reality is created as a result of the choices you are making minute by minute and hour by hour. 

YOU are the Masters of your own making. Start creating with a true sense of understanding that ALL possibilities and outcomes outstretch before you and expand across the entire universe. RAISE your own expectations about your own capabilities and potential, for YOU are the powers that BE, YOU are the Masters of your own Destiny. RAISE your own vibrations to serve the collective common good, and see yourself connected to ALL things as you should. For YOU are a unique and individual soul, one intrinsic part of a DIVINE LIVING WHOLE ~ 
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