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28 March 2018

‘Tis all about timing and aligning with all that is good and Right for You. Many people have so-called aims and goals that are Not in true alignment with the blueprint in their souls. Your dreams may fall short and not come true, if you are trying to pursue an outcome that is NOT what is meant for you. Check in with your HEART and not your head to find what it is you would truly, madly, deeply LOVE to do instead ✨

You are here on purpose with a DIVINE mission in your soul, and achieving this should be your greatest aim and goal. You are here to have ‘LIVES’ and to be part of the collective whole, not to just have jobs or careers, possessions or even professions that distract, restrict or prevent you from realising your full potential and achieving your Highest HEARTFELT goals.

Tis time to REALIGN with your Greatest Purpose for this will bring you your greatest rewards and satisfaction. To be wholly fulfilled is a mighty fine achievement indeed. Then you can rest in PEACE for all your earthly yearnings for earnings and material things will cease. PEACE is indeed a state of mind and can arise immediately out of being Kind and Good, Loving and Generous, Compassionate and Considerate. By Being WISE and connected to a greater cause than just profiting your own lives ✨✨ 
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