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28th Jan 2014

The new paradigm requires new thinking, new building and new planning.
With the vibrational shift of the planet right unto its core 
everything that dwells upon its surface and flies within its skies 
will have to adjust accordingly to survive and to thrive ~

New modes of individual and collective thinking and behaving. 
New global aims and objectives as well as personal values ethics and goals.
New thinking , new collaborations, new combinations,
new GOOD vibrations born from new GOOD intentions ~

By returning to the old ways of being in tune with the energies of the Earth 
the wind, the animals and the elements you can learn to adjust together 
and form a successful realignment that can carry you all forward as a true symbiosis 
You must take care of ALL living things ~

The planet is a living thing and her land is sacred and precious. 
Conscious footsteps taken to heal her open wounds and her bleeding heart 
will benefit you all far more than any short term pillaging of her minerals and ores,
her gas her oil or her gold. 

Tis time indeed to focus on the healing of the planet 
and of the ecosystem that supports and sustains you all. 
You have to shift the collective heart from personal gain and greed 
to what is really genuinely important and in need.

United responsibility and action to heal the planet and ensure the survival 
of all living things including human kind. 
The planet has reshapen before and may well do so once more
but peoples and nations have also disappeared and become lost in time before. 

Do what you collectively and individually can to ensure that this does not happen again.
Call upon all that you know and the powers that be to draw unto yourself
a group of inspired and guided individuals who can share your vision 
and give form and shape to your heart felt ideas.

Tis time my dear to bring your vision to life to bring it to form 
from the Light and realm of possibilities wherein it does reside.
Decree a thing and it shall be done, breath flesh to its bones and it will have begun.
Write out the vision of EQUILARIUM ~

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