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28th August 2014

28:8:14.    Hourtin Plage * France *

Take the time to rest and relax when that is what you are given for there will always also be times when you are stretched, focused and driven. Enjoy the Peace and tranquility that abound from being at one with nature
the sun the sea and the sand. To be living in the elemental world sleeping in the forest and lying on the ground, eating al fresco and waking to the scent of fresh warm pine.

Turning off from all technology and tuning in to the natural world all around. Reading the sky and watching the stars setting your clock to holiday time. Rest and relaxation the essential requirements for a true vacation.
Allow your body to recharge, exercise and exhaust yourself, but allow your mind to settle
and your sense of calmness to be returned to all aspects of your being ~
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