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28th December 2014

Farewell and adieu to the old ways for a new format for the future awaits you one and all. No longer will what has been before be able to sustain and maintain you in the ways you have become accustomed to. Life changes are imminent and imperative to match the progress of time and the evolution of you as individuals and as mankind!

There are mighty shifts at play here, not visible or discernible today maybe, but TRUST that they ARE on there way. There movements can be felt and seen by many and a few can see what is truly coming, so make sufficient room in your head and in your heart for the BIGGEST changes and shifts you have had to embrace thus far. The transformation from mere mortal to an incandescent STAR ~

By playing small and thinking the world will just carry on as it should, you are missing the very point of LIVING. You have come to be leading by example, by shining as brightly as you can, to inspire your fellow man to touch the incandescence within their souls. To encourage them to reach any goals. To aim to help the planet and ALL mankind, not just to pamper the ego of a self obsessed mind.

Fame and glory can be a magnificent story if they are lived and told in the way they should unfold, to help as much as they can. Aim to generate acts of kindness in others, family friends, sisters and brothers by being the kindest you can be. By being the most generous and genuine you can be. Inspire those around you to change and upgrade themselves by aiming to step into the fullness of your own capability. Dare to be your complete self ~

When you embrace the fullness of who you are capable of being then there really will be no stopping you for your light will shine SO brightly that ALL the world will see.Tis time to truly turn up your own flame, to live the life your soul has been born to live.Release yourself from the confines of your egos mind and operate straight from the expanse of your vast and Loving HEART. Let its beat become the driving force, the rhythm to which your life unfolds.

May its beat be STRONG and carry on and on and on. Get into the momentum of your own flow. Feel your own heart beat as the time keeper, the pace maker, the truth seeker. Wake up to the real reason you are all here. Tis time indeed to realign your goals as a collective and become a conscious citizen of the world. Help humanity understand the vital importance of being united as one, for ALL things are connected.

You have had your time of isolation and separation but NOW the new paradigm begins.Now the reconnection begins, the remembering who you are, who you have come to be. It is a very very exciting time for you all as this is going to truly reshape history.From this point onwards the world will never be the same again! Huge Cosmic changes and shifts in human consciousness will result in a magnificent and incredible BRAVE NEW WORLD

Be "AWAKE" to the changes. Be a way see er and a leader, a mover and a shaker. Actively ring the bells for all others to hear and to respond to. Do what you can to wake up your fellow man, so that ALL of humanity can adjust to the mighty cosmic changes as the Universe rearranges all manner of things in your world. 

Tis truly going to be a spectacular New Year! 2015 will definitely bring great cause for celebration with opportunities to dance and sing. To enjoy the gifts of conscious living, appreciating the joy of every living thing. Every waking hour, every butterfly and flower, every heart beat and drop of rain. Every grain of sand and flake of finest snow, every breath of clean clear air. Enjoy the magnificence of nature and the magic that is EVERYWHERE~

Prepare to GROW by letting go of the smallness of your world, the trivia of your life, and the tiny ness of your mind! Let go of the why fores  ? The who's ? What's ? Where? And When's ? Let it ALL go, GO - GO - GO and be gone! Do not waste a single thought on a single thing that has gone before. NOW is the time to focus forward ~The future is BRIGHT ~ there is a New Day dawning, and a New Year about to begin with a New YOU about to be born!

Write, write, write morning noon and night for there is a great wisdom in your hand, which can help activate the subtle plan that is dormant within you all. Your words can act as a catalyst for people to hear the silent call. Then they will awaken and begin to let their heart lights sing, and to truly BEAM as brightly as the stars they are. Stars of wonder, Stars of light ~


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