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28th July 2014

May the Golden light of the sun permeate your soul, fill you with the glorious Love from Heaven above and help you reach any goal. You can achieve way more than you can believe, so just get focused upon whatever you wish your outcome to be and take which ever steps are necessary to get going, then TRUST and wait and see. 'Tis all out there waiting for you to bring into your world. 'Tis not the responsibility of anyone else this is something you just have to do yourself.

Other people may help you achieve your goals in many ways and aspects further down the line and they will all get to play their part, all in the fullness of time. For now though 'tis up to you to ignite the flame set the wheels in motion by creating your very own magic potion. Only you can blend and mix your unique essence and imagination with ancestral influences, historical references, colour and vibration. Future memories, current reality and the secret ability to fly!

Trust that you are a true alchemist and that you can create magic at your fingertips! You have the ability to transform the norm into something of wonder and delight so believe in yourself whole heatedly and make the time to write. Others will then be able to see the uniqueness of who you came to be. By sharing your gift of being able to be present in the present and in a different century! To know what it is to have a dolphin tail and to fly so high you leave a vapour trail.

To access more than one state of mind and to channel the collective wisdom of your stream of consciousness to help mankind. To share the gift of an open and loving heart and to share your memories from the very start of life ~ From the dawn of time
right down the line of human endeavour and existence.To encounter trials and tribulations experience life and times in many different nations. To know like you know, like you know the very gift of Life on Earth is worth a daily celebration.

Be happy and joyous with all you encounter for all in all they are colourful pieces in your jigsaw puzzle of continuous existence. Nothing is truly good or bad, solely happy or sad, all are parts of the whole the immutable journey of your soul ~
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