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28th July 2015

Well here we are again at a place your Heart and head do know to be home and yet your Soul is calling for you to spread your wings and to fly fly fly to places beyond the sky. To try and do the magnificence that you have come to do. First and foremost you have to leap beyond your known world.You have to DARE to expand your comfort zone to incorporate pastures new that you will one day too be able to call home.

Your body may well be grounded in the rhythm and rhyme of your world but that dies not mean it is the only dance it would like the chance to be. Variety is the Key ~ so spice up your life, don't think twice be courageous and aim for more. Learn to sing and dance to the tunes of life in different places amongst different faces, learn different paces, expressions and moves. Find newness in your life.

Do not be complacent or fall asleep in your current reality. Wake up, shake up your own world, Expand your far horizons. Dance to a new musical score, sing a new song learnt from new people or teach your song to others who may not have heard it before. Share your knowledge, share your wisdom, share your HEART. Become one with more of life than the tiny slice you have been feeding upon for so long.

Visit new places, speak to new faces, learn all there is to know by embracing others. Their cultures and values merits and virtues. Their inspirations and Heavenly connections.Too many people remain isolated in their comprehension and patience and lack of understanding of their fellow citizens of the world. Do NOT judge another sister or brother for they are more like you in essence than you can possibly believe.

Take time to enquire and learn, care and try to understand the day to day workings of life in another land. Learn what makes their Hearts ignite then you can find a common ground rather than putting up barriers of ignorance share wisdom.There is SO much out there for you all to learn, to express and share.

The world is a very exciting place with a vast variety of species, plants, animals, fauna and flora, people's and places. Landscapes and cityscapes, languages, symbols and beliefs. Religions, traditions, celebrations, foods, thoughts and attitudes. There is a veritable plethora of delights available to you one and ALL. Appreciate the banquette of opportunities and experiences the Universe had provided.

Your combinations of herbs and spices alone have created a multitude of culinary styles you can call home. Asian, Indian, Thai, Italian, French, Mexican, European ~American, Austrian, Moroccan, the list can go on and on and on. Sometimes it is a good idea to extend the range of your pallet. To sample culinary delights from far away places as they bring traces of their culture and story with every mouthful.

The world and its peoples, animals and environments is a mighty melting pot of variety and expression of creation. Be inspired by LIFE and create the world around you and your own life with Love and passion. If you are asleep in your world WAKE UP! If you are walking nowhere set yourself a goal. Your Soul has a purpose, a higher perspective and will give you a clear direction in which to go if you tune in to your Heart for it knows a great deal more than your head. 

Your head has a " mind of its own" as it were and has been filled with traditional teachings and expectations. Aims and objectives, rules and directives set in place from your earliest thoughts. Tis time fir you all to learn to journey inwards to your core, to connect to the infinite source which can deliver so much more than the limited choices of your ego and your head , for sure.

Connect to the source and create your life accordingly. You will be AMAZED by the wonders that are in store for you all~So, so much more than you even realise. You will not believe your own eyes for there are surprises and delights that will blow your limited minds! Decide to remove your own  false limitations, get out of your own way as it were. Set your sites on far horizons and dare to go there.

Write that book, learn to dance that dance, learn to sing along to many a new song. Eat, think, drink in the newness of unfamiliarity, gain clarity and wisdom, compassion and understanding by expanding every aspect of your being~Become a truly "conscious citizen of the world" by being conscious to all the world has to offer. ALL that it is.

Play your part in preserving the magnificence that abounds, do what you can to help Lead and inspire your fellow man to take care of Mother Earth and to respect her precious lands. She is the owner and the keeper, you are the sowers and reapers. Therefore sow with consideration for the future~ show her that you do care, that you can think beyond your own place, that you can share a United Vision as a United Human Race ~ 
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