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28th June 2017

Worry yea not so much and turn that frown upside down! For all of life is make believe and how you perceive it is how you receive it. Embrace the changes you are experiencing and allow them to settle and serve you well, do not let them disturb you too much or cause you discomfort and pain.

Breath deep and RELEASE all that you are holding on to and ALL that needs to be be let GO in order for you to go forward towards your BRIGHT FUTURE. ’Tis veritably a time of great transition when the fixed has first to become volatile and free to change into whatever it will BE, for this is the Universal Law of ALCHEMY

In order for GREAT CHANGES to occur, disruption and discombobulation must also happen as the first steps lighting the ignition of a mighty magnificent chain reaction. Everything is changing NOTHING will be remaining the same. TRUST is a MUST now more than ever, keep your HEART filled with HOPE and LOVE, for the Angels have got your backs in the Heavens above. 

ALL is unfolding exactly as it is meant to BE as part of the DIVINE Master plan. BE PEACE ~ BE BRAVE ~ BE OPEN to these changes for you have to be willing to go with the flow as the Universe rearranges things in your favour, for your future. You cannot remain FIXED and hold onto anything that is restricting your personal development and growth. Set yourself FREE to BECOME ALL THAT YOU CAN BE ~

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