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28th March 2015

Tis a veritable cosmic dance that is unfolding in the Heavens and the movements of the planets and stars will enhance the positive energy around you all, and help advance your progress towards your goals. New patterns, New formations, New aims and objectives for future generations. Tis a festival of light and opportunity that is happening right now, so advancements can be made on a mighty scale and seen upon the global stage.

New. New. New is the rhythm ~ New. New. New is the tune ~If what you want to do involves evolving into a new YOU then this is a perfect time to do it, for all the powers that be, that govern the air the land and the sea, are set to help you succeed and to become the greatest you can BE. For by becoming the complete version of yourself, the fully empowered version of you, you can inspire and ignite great changes in the people and world around you.

Shine on you crazy diamonds. Be the powers that Be. Turn up your brightness and prepare to be amazed as wondrous things will happen and great great advancements will be made. For when there is more positive energy and abundance everywhere people will experience plenty where there has previously been lack. People will experience Love and contentment instead of Fear and resentment.

Tis the quickest and greatest way to affect great change, to step into the full glory and beauty of what it is to be FULLY YOU. Release all last false restrictions, follow your convictions and launch yourselves into the darkest part of the sky knowing like you know, like you know, like you know, that as you go you will take the light with you, and transform the darkness with pure Love from Source. You are on a mission to achieve your vision and help and assistance from the Heavenly realm will remove all obstacles and resistance.
The times are right RIGHT NOW so open your wings and fly ~
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