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28th November 2013

28/11/13 Henfield Sussex

From the place in the sky, the highest on high ALL is well and good. ALL is as it should be all is as it could be in the realm of possibilities . 'Tis up to you all to focus your own intentions, energy and projections onto harmonious end results that will benefit you one and all.

The planet, the people, the nature, the wildlife, the air, the water the land the sea the sky.
The breath of Life, the song of Hope, the ring of Truth, the promise of Love, the kiss of Kindness, the hand of Friendship, the all for one and the one for all~

Whatever you set your heats and minds to can be yours so set your sights accordingly and aim for unification across very nation. Equality for all peoples regardless of creed colour or gender. May all disparate fragments of society be reunited to the whole.

May the sick and sad and estranged be welcomed back in again. May the marginalised be centralised and the divisions merge to form one and the same. May all men and women become equal regardless of their name, size, shape, colour, creed. May they all be served by the common good not by personal status power or greed. 

Do what you can to help your fellow man for he is you just in another shape and form. You are all one and connected and have only become isolated persecuted and rejected by forgetting this at the core. 

You have believed your own false identities of being individual souls with separate and individual goals instead of remembering the absolute truth which is that you are ALL ONE and connected to all time space and the Universe.

This is a TRUE blessing and not the curse under which you are all living, as lost individuals who are powerless to affect change for yourselves. You are ALL responsible for everything and can indeed change the world for good if you take on the idea and responsibility with the knowledge that you could. 

Inspire others to break free from the selfish short sighted views that they hold of personal struggle and success. Help them to see that the greatest thing to be is reconnected to source so that you can all benefit from the overall united power of LOVE and TRUST.

May Hope spring eternal and be your driving force. Be inspired and inspirational and lead by example. Fly high to the place in the sky where all is in perfect harmony. Know like you know like you know that ALL is well and good. 
ALL is as it should BE~
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