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29th August 2014

Cosmic alliances come and go and you do not know the significance of any of their movements these days
where as peoples of the past paid close attention on the cosmic mind map of the sky and the Heavens above. 
Many things have been foretold and many more are waiting to unfold, for all the movements have significance
and meaning on the interactive level of cause and effect. For when one thing expands then another must retract. 
When one thing changes in a group the others must react.

Be the change, the catalyst, the ignition for the chain reaction that will change the world for good. 
Be part of the movement that brings positive energy and vibrancy, enthusiasm and grace to restore the sense
of well being and Hope to the human race. Take your part in the cast of thousands, be the role you decide to play for yourself. Invent the you you most wish to be, the you that will be the most powerful and beneficial to one and all. Help your fellow man as best as you can. Be the YOU you need to be to help the world and to help humanity~ 

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