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29th August 2014

The inter connectedness of all things can not always be observed but that is not to say that it is not ever present
in all thoughts and deeds and actions. All manner of things are governed by the behaviour of others not just human beings and their relationships to each other but the animal kingdom, vegetable kingdom and the world of rocks , minerals and crystals too. Everything does ring with the next's vibration. 

Therefore be careful always about what vibrations you are putting out for all things in your sphere will adhere to the laws
of cause and effect and all that you omit will be returned unto thee, just wait and see. It may not always be with immediate visible effect but it will have had an immediate affect in some way as all actions do.Harsh words, discordant sounds and bitter angry thoughts will all result in no more than the multiplication of themselves echoing out all around you like a tsunami or mighty tidal wave that will cause devastation and confusion, pain and damage, and the ripple effect means the impact will be felt
a long way from the epicentre. 

Be careful then to limit the harmful harshness of your own thoughts and deeds and actions for if they are as the immediate effect of another's actions then you can limit the damage they can cause and create in your world rather than amplifying the affect all around. Stay firm in your belief that less is more in the high drama score and aim to restore Peace and Harmony to your world as soon as possible. Sometimes 'tis best to allow the tidal wave to wash right over you with out putting up a fight. If you stand firmly grounded in all that you believe and know to be true, Love and Trust, then the wave may crash over you but pass on by as quickly as it came and will cause far less damage and destruction than if you panic and react.

Once the wave of aggression, anger, hatred, jealousy or whatever it be has passed over then you can brush yourself down and go about your daily business once more with a loving Heart and a Peaceful mind. Do not let the disruptive energy jangle you too much for it thrives on the negativity it causes and delights in its pain and devastation. Be the strength that absorbs the blow,
brush it off and let it go. Say God Bless You, God Bless You, God Bless You, and send it on its way ~

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