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29th January 2017

When the time does come to pick up your feet and run then RUN RUN RUN. For when the time is right it is RIGHT and you will definitely know, for it will no longer be an option to procrastinate or go slow! Things are indeed about to proceed at somewhat lightning speed that will literally Thrill and Delight you! Be prepared as best you can for patience has been your enduring lesson, but now you have to be as adaptable as possible and ready for a fast moving action plan! 

Change Change Change is what is in the cards and that means across the board ~ Let ALL that has gone before be left at the door, as you LEAP headlong into your bright future with an open heart and an open mind. TRUST that what you will find WILL be bathed in Golden Light and it shall be so. You have been waiting for this new opportunity to arise, and this new reality to come, so welcome it as the wonderful reward that it is! For all that you have given out so generously and unconditionally is about to be returned unto thee by the Universal law of reciprocity~ ✨✨✨✨
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