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29th July 2017

The new dawn is breaking and every glimmer of Love and Light and Hope you see is partly your responsibility and of your making. For you are an active part of the whole and your soul is one of the millions and millions sharing the same experience of creating your own unique interpretation of what it means to be a spiritual being in form, to be here on this earthly realm, to be right here right now. 

Share your LOVE, share your LIGHT, to help collectively dispel the darkness and bring an end to the long night. T'is is veritably time for you all to SHINE and bring forth the warmth and golden light of a brand-new day. Lead the way by focusing on all that is GOOD in the world, Believe in MAGIC and Believe in MIRACLES and see the world before you transform with the radiant colours and Light of a glorious NEW Dawn ~  

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