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29th May 2013

The seeds had been planted and nurtured with water love and light Now the fruits of your labours can ripen and come into form Can grow and grow and grow, beyond all expectation of what you thought you did know.

The plants are well established and are growing every day Keep on supplying them with love and light and positive thoughts to help their daily development and upward climb, skyward reaching.

With the right conditions and no limitations or restrictions their growth can be amazing and visible over night. With huge advancement on a daily basis a handful of seeds can become an oasis.

The beacon of light of your collective hearts and minds combined Can help ripen the harvest of hope in other people's lives and inspire their own individual growth in kind.

Your show may be over and you may think your work is done, But in essence it is just getting started and the results are yet to come. The fertile soil and suitable conditions have allowed your seeds to grow but only with extra time and love and patience and trust will the abundance of your crop come to fruition.

You could put all the importance on the development of one fruit and judge the success of the season on its size shape colour and taste Or you can wait and reap the benefit of the whole abundance of the entire season yet to come.

Allow the plants to continue to grow and develop on a daily basis. It is way too early to go judging or looking for juicy ripened fruits They are only just developing and are green and hard and not ready for consumption. Do not be tempted to pluck them and be disappointed if they leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

TRUST that in time they will grow and sweeten become juicy and delicious, healthy and nutritious.Patience is always required with the natural organic growth of anything. Hopes , dreams and wishes as much as any delicate fruit, flower or fragrant bloom ~


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