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29th November 2015

Become a veritable GOLDEN magnet and draw unto yourself ALL that you desire. Health, Wealth and Happiness ~ Peace and Harmony ~ LOVE ~ Wisdom and Grace ~ Be Grateful for all that you have and for what you are about to receive. Then open your hearts and minds and hands for the Universe has limitless supplies of everything you could ever wish for and more. For you ALL to live exceptional lives IS part of the master plan ~  

No one two or three were ever destined to be any less fortunate, less lucky or wise than any others.
You are ALL sisters and brothers and are made in the same way with the same capacity to live, Love and Grow each and every day. Expand your own hearts and minds to include Abundance and Prosperity of ALL kinds and wish it for all others too. Then you will feel blessed and fully deserving when it comes unto you, and you can be generous and kind to those less fortunate than yourselves for they may be more limited in their minds ~

If you can remove the blocks from your own abundance and get fully in the flow, the natural raging river of vitality and prosperity that courses through the cosmic soup, will come rushing with great speed and incredible ease to you from all directions. Money, Hope and LOVE all swim freely in the golden pinkness of the AGAPE sea of ABUNDANCE. Call it unto yourself from your core and it will come to you for sure ~ TRUST and Believe ~ Be Gracious and RECEIVE.
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