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2nd August 2016

The language of the future is not quite what you are used to as it is filled with more positivity, kindness and Love ~ For when you all come to know that tis out of the very words you think and use, that you do all choose expressly how your future will grow, you will choose your words more wisely. You will actively form your own reality with conscious creation and consideration rather than constant moaning and blaming, repeating and berating, criticising and judging, being cruel and unkind with thoughts and words towards yourselves and others.

Actions may speak louder than words but tis the silent vibration of thoughts that the Universe does respond to when that is what it has heard! Be most careful of the negative thoughts that you allow to run freely through your mind, for in kind they can run riot and cause chaos in your world. Thoughts become things, what you think about you do indeed bring about. Your personal focus does indeed create your own reality so take responsibility for thinking yourself a BRIGHTER FUTURE and PEACE to all mankind ~

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