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2nd February 2015

Unshed tears fill your heart and swell your eyes like gathering clouds waiting to release their heaviness from the skies. Heaven knows you are doing well to hide the sadness and loss you still feel inside. Time may have come and gone and you are still carrying on, but there is still a vast reservoir of pain and Fear that you harbour within.

Happiness and joyful ness can be found on the outside but the veneer can grow thin when extra worries flood in. Do not be tempted to go with the flow of this inward downward spiral for the turbulence alone may take you to depths unknown from which it may become hard to return.

Let it flow outward, up and over the rims of your soulful eyes. Let it pour out the contents of your hurting heart. Let it go, let it go, let it go ~OUT ~OUT ~OUT. Release all old harboured pain and grief, insecurities and doubt. Then and only then can you start again to fill your empty heart with sweetness and New Life ~

There is much to be happy and grateful for in your world so you do not feel that you deserve to sit and shed your tears, for feelings of ungratefulness and selfishness but that is not so. Everyone has a Heart, everyone knows we all have ebbs and flows. There are times we all have to stop holding on and breath a big sigh of relief as we Release what needs to be let go~

If you do not release all pain and grief then when their tides do turn and their downward pull tugs at your heart, your head starts to loose sight of your golden future and you can become Lost and drifting on the internal ocean of emotion, rather than being grounded safely in the goodness Love and Joy that are the bedrock of your world. 

There are times when the moon does have a stronger pull upon the waters of the world and the emotions of the Heart. Tis best to keep a check on the volume of uncontrolled waters and emotions that reside inside, for Spring tides and full moons do cause exceptional conditions that can result in devastation and depression. Take precautions to prevent unfavourable conditions by releasing all the unshed tears when you have the opportunity, for tis a good thing to do ~


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