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2nd March 2014

The meaning of life cannot be surmised tis something quite extraordinary towards which you all strive. 
From one incarnation to the next, from one breath in fact to the next all of life is the same just being experienced again and again and again. It is a magical mystical thing that is precious beyond belief. It can not be defined by colour, shape, size or smell. It cannot be touched, or seen in separation or isolation. It is the thing of highest worth upon the earth for without it nothing would have any value at all! 

'Tis then of course the meaning YOU put to your life itself that counts.
Way beyond that of anything anyone else has said or can ever say. You can of course be guided by wise people and respected elders who will impart great lessons and ideas of depth and breadth to be added to your egocentric view of the world. Plus getting out into life and gaining as much personal experience as possible in as many various situations and circumstances as you can. By interacting with other people, visiting different places, and experiencing life through different faces, times and spaces.

The wisdom and experiences you then do find and acquire can be used to teach to guide and to inspire. For human nature can be cruel as well as kind much as the weather can be harsh or mild and fluctuate between the two. With all types of conditions from snow and ice to warm and nice, boiling hot and burning blazing sun, freezing cold with wind and hail or rain. Summers breeze, Winters freeze, Springs delight and Autumns gold. All aspects make up the whole of the weather as much as all human traits behaviours and emotions make up the Human Being Experience ~

From the beginning of time and the earliest human existence there comes a continuous golden thread of LIFE that is woven into the DNA and blueprints of us all. Running down the ancestral lines and throughout the roots and branches of our family trees. Passing ever onwards into our children's children's children and beyond. From the dawn of time to the final setting of the sun, all of life is spun from this eternal golden source. Life it can then be said is a magnificent tapestry stitched across time with multitudes of colours, patterns and designs.

'Tis not in fact a single stitch or a single act, a single time a single place a single smile or a single face. Each and every life is important and plays its part in the whole for each and every life is spun from the same source of purest gold. Every life should be respected and be valued as your own, for everyone is special and carries the same intrinsic worth. You all have individual souls with individual goals but you are all united from birth, with the same purpose here on earth to fulfil your full potential as human beings. You are indeed all great creators bestowed with the heavenly gifts of LIFE and LOVE  held in your own precious hearts of gold ~

Tis up to you as individuals to decide how best to live your lives. How to bring Peace to harsh disturbances and to restore calm and Hope to those who are in despair. How to walk with compassion and grace amid the world of chaos and confusion and not to join in with negative notions by action or collusion. How to bring Love and Light and Joy to the world in whatever ways you can, how to help restore the delicate balance of the natural world and to stand up for and help ALL manner of living things, the tiniest Bumble Bees to giant Great Redwood Trees .

Your whole world is in need of your support and you are all charged with the same responsibility to do whatever you can to help save the future of your planet and ensure to the safety of your fellow man. You are not here as isolated individual souls you are here as a vast group of collective souls all striving towards the same end result. Ensuring the continued survival of the planet and adding your unique touch of gold to the intricate pattern of the whole Fabric of Life. 

Be happy and grateful for the never ending journey of your heart from source to self and self to source,
and give THANKS for your part in the eternal Tapestry of Time ~

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