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2nd March 2016

A blossoming flower takes time to empower each petal and each leaf. It patiently waits and germinates then starts to grow, steadily but quite slow. It knows how much strength it will require to gain the height it does desire before it can even think of coming into flower. 

There is steady constant energy and growth required for the buds and petals to form and delicate sweet scent develop deep down on the inside. The core is where the beauty is at, until the time is right for the tightly wrapped bud to start to slowly unfold. Then with the right conditions of nourishing water and golden light and warmth from the sun, the flower can come.

Tis not a thing predictable by linear time for a chill wind here or there may delay its opening for a day or so. Extra love and light might encourage its early blooming but that may not always result in the most beautiful sweetest scent. For a Rose to bloom in her full glory is her own unique story. 

As and when the time is right for her to unfurl her delicate petals and reveal her inner beauty is when the world will come to see the incredible complexity and Divine order in individuality and the naturalness of unique timing. For when the flower opens and grows ever more beautiful day by day, gracing the world with its glorious colour, shape and form, the gift it brings is exceptional in essence and tis truly Heaven scent. 

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